05 December 2015

Kuok Foundation Scholarship for Malaysia Polytechnics is offered for students who are currently studying in Malaysia public polytechnics at Diploma levels.

This scholarship is intended to help needy students who have excellent academic achievements.

Successful candidates will be awarded a study grants of RM6,000 per annum.

Interviews is expected to be conducted in March 2016 at the office of Kuok Foundation, Kuala Lumpur.

Closing Date: 28 December 2015 (Monday)
Kuok Foundation Scholarship for Malaysia Public Polytechnic | Biasiswa Politeknik

Eligibility Criteria for KUOK Foundation Scholarship:

  • A citizen of Malaysia;
  • Obtained at least 3 credits in SPM for any of the following subjects: Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mathematics, Science or one subject relevant to the course; OR
  • Achieved an overall grade of at least CGPA 2.8 and above in their latest Polytechnic results;
  • Kuok Foundation Awards are for needy students only;
  • Applicants must not be in receipt of any scholarship such as JPA scholarship, etc. at the time of application.

How To Apply KUOK Foundation Scholarship:

  • Please download the Application Form for Polytechnic Scholarship 2016;
  • Application form can also be obtained from:

  • Kuok Foundation Berhad,
    (Malaysia Public Polytechnics),
    Letter Box No. 110, 16th Floor UBN Tower,
    No. 10, Jalan P. Ramlee,
    50250 Kuala Lumpur


    The Student Affairs Department of the respective polytechnics.

  • Completed application forms must reach the Foundation or the Student Affairs Department of the respective Malaysia Polytechnics on or before the closing date;
  • Late applications will not be considered.
Only shortlisted candidates will be notified for interview.


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  1. Macam mana nak tahu if dapat or tak selepas apply

    1. Untuk makluman, hanya calon-calon yang tersenarai untuk sesi temuduga sahaja akan dimaklumkan melalui telefon. Sekiranya tiada makluman, permohonan dianggap tidak berjaya. Semoga berjaya! (o)

  2. Replies
    1. Please refer to the deadline stated above..TQ

  3. Hi..m currently studying at politeknik now and already done my 1st sem with cgpa 3.19..now m supposed to be at 3rd sem..unfortunately i'm involved in a terrible accident n i postpone my 2nd n 3rd sem as well..and i continue back my stdys from next intake from 2nd sem..am i eligible for tis scholarship..

  4. Anonymous06 July, 2014

    Hai. . Dlu sy ada mohon n pihak biasiswa ada kol org rujukan n ibu sy tapi smpai skg kputusan sy x tahu.

  5. assalam..hai, hari tu pihak kuok ada call saya cakap saya ada peluang untuk dapat biasiswa ni jika saya lengkapkan maklumat yg tal lengkap..bila keputusan tu akan keluar ya?

  6. Mcam mana nak sambung biasiswa ini ??

  7. Adakah biasiswa ini terikat dgn sebarang kontrak?

  8. bagaimana cara utk memohon biasiswa ini ,sy kurang faham

  9. Dear Sir ,

    I have been offered to study Foundation (overseas) . How may I apply your scolarships . I mean the term . Thank you


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